Disc Golfing through Croatia - Entering the 2019

Join us in Croatia for a special edition of Disc golf through Croatia tour - this time with the 2019 New Year’s party and in the company of the four-time world champion Paige Pierce. Take your discs and let us teach you about our country, its nature, culture, and culinary traditions while strolling through various disc golf locations.

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If you can't make it for 8 days, check out a shorter 3-day New Year's Eve Party program.

The price of this package is 6.300 Croatian Kuna HRK (what is approximately 850€ or 980 US$).

The price includes:
Transfers during the tour; tour guide; 7 nights hotel or apartment accommodation in double rooms, breakfast included; all meals listed in the programme and entry charges for all programme content, sightseeing of Varaždin and Labin with licensed guide; two disc golf clinics with Paige Pierce, one custom stamped disc, programme organization and execution.
Upon request we can provide airport shuttle and accommodation in a single room.

The General Terms & Conditions of DMK Vall 042 d.o.o. travel agency are a component part of this programme. DMK Vall 042 d.o.o. travel agency possesses a liability insurance policy from Croatia osiguranje d.d. Varaždin, policy no. 078700018387 and insurance in the case of insolvency contract no. 294094000005. We recommend a package of travel insurance and cancellation insurance.

Program arrangement:

Day 1 - Saturday, 29.12.
Any time through the day, depending on when you arrive, our team awaits you with pleasure in the village of Motovun. You will be staying at Villa Borgo, a place offering magnificient views of the nearby valley and hills.
If you arrive by plane we will offer you the possibility of transfer from the arrival airport to Motovun.
In order to better introduce you to your fellow travellers for the coming 7 days, we’ve prepared an exciting teambuilding programme that will begin early in the evening. After you have plenty of fun and make some new friends, enjoy a group dinner at one of the nearby restaurants. After dinner, anyone who isn’t too tired from their trip is welcome to join us and continue the party until the late hours

Day 2 - Sunday, 30.12.
After breakfast we travel together by bus to the city of Poreč (45 minute drive) where we have set up a temporary 13-hole disc golf course. There, we will play a two round PDGA Tier C tournament. Once we are done with the competition and the winners ceremony, everyone interested will be able to join the disc golf clinic lead by Paige Pierce (included in the package).
After the clinic, we will head to the center of Poreč, dine and explore this millennial city and Euphrasius Basilica found on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The single well preserved Christian church from that time period in the world. After the sightseeing we head back towards Motovun. After a break we gather for a group dinner and a fun evening program.

Day 3 - Monday, 31.12.
On the last day of 2018, we will start a half-day trip to Labin (60 minute drive). In Labin we will visit the city museum and a 150m long mine tunnel which tells about the rich mining history of the place. Lonely Planet ranked this museum among the 10 most original museums in Croatia. After a stroll through the lovely city center, we will head back towards Motovun through Istrian hills and small villages. On our way we will stop for lunch in one of the traditional restaurants.
We will return to Motovun until 4 pm to have time to rest and prepare for the evening party.
From 20 o'clock, we will gather at the Kaštel Hotel where we start with a fun party that will last long into 2019.

Day 4 - Tuesday, 1.1.
When we recover from the celebrations, in the late morning hours of a new year (11-12) we will enter the bus and head for our next destination - the city Slunj. On our way we will stop at several interesting locations and have lunch. If we do manage to reach Slunj early enough (depending on how much exploration we do during the day), we will visit the nearby picturesque village of Rastoke known for its numerous lakes, waterfalls and rapids. In the evening we will stay in the hotel Mirjana Rastoke where the dinner is waiting for us.

Day 5 - Wednesday, 2.1.
We will be starting the day a bit earlier on Wednesday (8:00AM), as we will have a very active day ahead of us with much to do and see. First, we will stop at the oldest and most famous national park in Croatia – Plitvice Lakes. The park has been stunning visitors for ages, and so it’s no wonder that it has been entered into UNESCO’s World Heritage List. After 3-4 hours of strolls along the roads and paths surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and numerous lakes, it is time to recover the energy consumed and soon after the journey continues we will stop for the lunch. Ready for new victories, we arrive in Zagreb, the Croatian capital and one of the cities with the best advent offers in Europe.
After accommodating in the hotel we go out into town and enjoy the holiday spirit until late hours.

Day 6 - Thursday, 3.1.
During the morning we will take another stroll in the center of Zagreb, and at the end of the morning sit on the bus to head for Varaždin, a city known for numerous Baroque and Renaissance palaces. In Varaždin we will have a lunch together, visit the old motorcycles exhibition and a unique insect and bugs collection. After group dinner, we will go out for another evening of holiday spirit.

Day 7 - Friday, 4.1.
Throughout the morning we will explore some more of Varazdin city center, and go to play a round of disc golf at the course where well known international disc golf tournament Drava Forester is played. On our way to the last destination of the tour, resort Terme Sveti Martin, we will stop for a lunch, and then proceed to the resort.
During the early afternoon a 2nd clinic with Paige will be held at the course in Sveti Martin, what will be followed by some free time to relax at the pools and in the spa. For dinner we will head for another gorup dinner at a neraby restaurant.

Day 8 - Saturday, 5.1.
Our seven-day programme will end with a PDGA Tier C tournament player on a 13-hole course at the ball golf course. We will play two rounds and announce the winners, followed by the departure. For all participants who are going to the airport, we will offer the possibility of transfer.

We’re certain that, in addition to your suitcases and some souvenirs you might have picked up, you will also be taking home plenty of beautiful memories of the beauty of our country, as well as of the new group of friends you had a great time with throughout your week of disc golfing through Croatia. Cheers!

Optional - day 9, Sunday 6.1.
In addition to the 7-day package everyone who wants (and can) to stay one more night is very welcome to stay with us at the Toplice Sveti Martin. There will be another group dinner and social gathering, and a disc golf game on Sunday. This additional 9th day is extra charged and a price will be given to you upon request.