Disc Golfing through Croatia - 2019

Join us in Croatia for this 9-day program, bring your discs, and let us teach you about our country, its nature, culture, and culinary traditions while strolling through various disc golf locations. In addition to playing one PDGA Tier C event, you will get a chance to visit many interesting sights and to taste different flavors of Croatian gastronomy.

The Disc Golfing through Croatia programme is brought to you buy Lagoda Disc Golf team and DMK Vall 042 travel agency, who have been developing this sport and tourism in Croatia since 2011 and have organized over 30 international disc golf events, and among them European disc golf championships 2018. This events have been attended by players from more than 30 countries from all over the world, including names such as Paige Pierce, Simon Lizotte, Philo Brathwaite, John Baldwin, and many more...

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In 2019 this program is scheduled for March 29 to April 6, but it can also be organized on different dates on request for groups of 6 or more.
The price of this package is 6.700 Croatian Kuna HRK (what is approximately 900 € or 1.040 US$).

The price includes:
Transfers; tour guide; 8 nights 4* hotel accommodation in double rooms, breakfast included; all meals listed in the programme (5 lunches and 7 dinners) and entry charges for all programme content; tours of Varaždin, Poreč, and Pula; package insurance and liability insurance; programme organization and execution.
Accommodation in a single room is extra charged at 1.200 HRK (what is approximately 160 € or 190 US$).

Upon request we can provide airport shuttle.

The General Terms & Conditions of DMK Vall 042 d.o.o. travel agency are a component part of this programme. DMK Vall 042 d.o.o. travel agency possesses a liability insurance policy from Croatia osiguranje d.d. Varaždin, policy no. 298090000017 and insurance in the case of insolvency contract no. 228090039839. We recommend a package of travel insurance and cancellation insurance.

Day 1 – Friday, March 29
At any time through the day, depending on where you are coming from, our team will greet you at Terme Sveti Martin. You will be staying at the luxurious Spa Golfer Hotel, surrounded by beautiful rolling hills, where you can immediately start playing disc golf. The hotel has indoor and outdoor swimming pools with thermal spring water, as well as a wide selection of wellness amenities (sauna world, massages, detox programmes, halotherapy…). Make sure to set aside an hour or two to relax and enjoy yourself, because the tempo will be a bit more active in the coming days.

Day 2 – Saturday, March 30
First weekend of our trip is reserved for a disc golf tournament Vladar Martinuševca (the Ruler of the Martinuševec village), the oldest disc golf event in Croatia played at the first disc golf course in Croatia. After the breakfast we are headed for a 10 minute ride to the course where we will stay until the afternoon hours. Following two rounds of play at the 18-hole course we will drive you back to the hotel Spa Golfer where dinner awaits. After the dinner you can relax by the indoor pools or at the spa areas.

Day 3 – Sunday, March 31
Second day of the tournament is in front of us. After the breakfast we are headed to the course to play 3rd round and top players to join the finals. After winners ceremony you are back to the hotel to relax some more.
At 8 PM we are headed for a dinner at the nearby Terbotz restaurant, which also includes a charming wine cellar where we will (of course) taste several varieties of wine typical of the region. Terbotz restaurant is also well known for its gourmet delicacies, so you definitely won’t go to bed hungry.

Day 4 – Monday, April 1
We will start a new week with a free morning time that can be used to play the 9-hole disc golf course ad the ball golf course just by the hotel. We will be checking out of the hotel after 11 AM and heading to baroque Varaždin, an historic town in the neighboring county. We’ll take a stroll through the centre of town on an expert guided tour with our Hrvoje (Mr H.). After getting to know the beauty and history of this beautiful town, we will end our walk at Bedem restaurant, where lunch will be waiting. After lunch, it’s time for some recreation – we’ll head to a nearby Varaždin disc golf course and spend the afternoon there. After playing, we’ll head to our next destination – Trakošćan, where we’ll check into our hotel and spend some more time together at a buffet dinner.

Day 5 – Tuesday, April 2
The village of Trakošćan is famous for its splendid 13th century castle – located atop a hill above a lake, its striking appearance makes it one of the most beautiful castles in Croatia. If you would prefer to marvel at the castle from a distance, you can spend the morning relaxing at the hotel wellness zone with a view of the castle. At noon, we will check out of the hotel and head to the town of Krapina, where we will visit the Krapina Neanderthal Museum. Built in 2010, the museum is one of the most modern in the region. After we leave the museum and the town of Krapina, full of knowledge about the creation of the world and the first humans, it will be time for lunch at a restaurant located in Baroque Mihanović castle. After a lordly lunch, we will continue on to the town of Slunj, where we will be checking into the Mirjana Rastoke Hotel in the early evening. If desired, we will organize a quick tour of the picturesque village of Rastoke, famous for its numerous lakes, waterfalls, and rapids. Dinner will be waiting for us in the hotel.

Day 6 – Wednesday, April 3
We will be starting the day a bit earlier on Wednesday (8:00AM), as we will have a very active day ahead of us with much to do and see. First, we will stop at the oldest and most famous national park in Croatia – Plitvice Lakes. The park has been stunning visitors for ages, and so it’s no wonder that it has been entered into UNESCO’s World Heritage List. After 3-4 hours of strolling along bridges and paths surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and numerous lakes, we’ll need to recharge, and shortly after getting back on the road we will stop in the village of Korenica for a light lunch. Ready for new challenges, we will arrive in Rudopolje at one of four public disc golf courses in Croatia. Also, if you want to feel a bit more adrenaline in your bloodstream, you can take a ride on the longest zip line in Europe (1,700m) in this very same village. In the afternoon hours, we will be heading on to our final destination – Poreč, but we will stop for an early dinner on our way. After a few hours’ drive, we will reach the Istrian peninsula and check into the Diamant Hotel late in the evening.

Day 7 – Thursday, April 4
Waking up by the sea and breathing in the fresh sea air right from the window of your room is certainly a special experience, and so we’ll be leaving this morning free so you can spend the morning in bed to rest, take a seaside stroll, or to play disc golf at a nearby course. After some recreation we are returning to the hotel and then heading out to the city for a lunch. Once our batteries are fully charged we are on for a stroll down the streets of millennial town of Poreč, where we will see another of Croatia’s UNESCO protected sites – the Euphrasian Basilica. This early Christian complex is the only fully intact monument from this period in the world. After some cultural edification and a tour through Poreč, it will be time for a dinner in a hotel and to relax, however those who still have some energy left after 7 days of activities are invited to a get together at the pub.

Day 8 – Friday, April 5
To start off our last day together, we will play some more disc golf at the Poreč course. After playing, we will head back to the hotel to freshen up and then we’ll head off on an afternoon excursion. First we will stop for a lunch in a traditional Istrian restaurant and then proceed to the ancient city of Pula where we will visit Roman amphitheater Arena and explore the town center. On our return to Poreč we will stop at craft brewery and taste some of their delicious beer, followed by a dinner, once again in a traditional Istrian restaurant. For well deserved rest we will be at the hotel around 10 PM.

Day 9 – Saturday, April 6
Our nine-day programme will finally come to an end. After breakfast, depending on the flight times of the majority of passengers, we will head to the airport in Zagreb (reaching it no earlier than 1 PM). We’re certain that, in addition to your suitcases and some souvenirs you might have picked up, you will also be taking home plenty of beautiful memories of the beauty of our country, as well as of the new group of friends you had a great time with throughout your week of disc golfing through Croatia. Cheers!

Extra charged - 500 kn / 68 € / 78 US$
All those who want to stay one more night in Zagreb can join us in doing so. We will explore town center, have a group dinner and sleep in one of the hotels close to the main square.

Day 10 – Sunday, April 7
Depending on the flight times we can organize some activities during the morning hours  - visit to museums, exhibitions or to one of Zagreb's escape rooms.