Travel agency

Getting to know new places, relaxing, exploring, and trying new things are key things travellers enjoy when headed to new destinations. However, it isn’t always easy to get around in new surroundings, and finding the best a destination has to offer can be tough. Every tourist surely wants to make the most of their time on holiday, and to do so, they need help discovering not only the numerous points of interest of their destination, but the traditions woven into the mentality of the local population.

With our professional help, as well as recommendations and insight from experts on your destination, let us help you create a holiday in accordance with your wishes and at your own pace.

We offer accommodation, excursions, and numerous other programmes for groups and individuals. All of our programmes are created in direct cooperation with our clients and in accordance with their wishes and needs. We also design packages for foreign clients.

We are the only travel agency in Croatia to offer a disc golf tourism programme – an active holiday for both beginners and passionate disc golfers, their family and friends.