About us

The company has operated since 1995, originally under the name Vall 042. In 2014, the company became a destination management company, and changed its name to DMK Vall 042.

We focus on event management and publishing, we work as a travel agency, and we also work in design and production. We even organise and design team building programmes.

We also run numerous important projects, such as the Hunting, Fishing, Nature, Tourism International Fair, which has become a traditional event for the city of Varaždin and the largest yearly hunting and fishing event both in Croatia and this part of Europe. Around 100 exhibitors from Croatia and other countries take part in the fair on its 2,000m2 of well-designed exhibit space.

We also work to enrich Croatia’s tourist offerings by developing new tourist products through the Flavours of Croatian Tradition project, which we execute in cooperation with county and local tourist boards. The basic goal of the project is to advance the availability of traditional local food, beverages, and products in the daily offerings of food and beverage outlets, thereby helping to develop the wine and gastro tourism scene in Croatia. Through the Way to Croatia Magazine project, we inform travel agencies and tour operators of tourism-related content and contacts for Croatia exclusively. The magazine is delivered free of charge to travel agencies, tour operators, travel journalists, and travel media in 47 countries worldwide.

PUT Tourism Fair, one of the most important tourism congresses in Croatia, has been bringing together workers from travel agencies, hotels, tourist service providers, tourist board systems, and travel journalists in a different Croatian destination every year for the past 19 years.

We are a proactive business, and our wealth of experience in various fields, connected with a clear vision, is what inspires us and drives our business successes – all with the aim of satisfying the broader social interest, as well as providing solid solutions to specific demands.

DMK Vall 042

Ivana Cankara 9a

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