The strength and beauty of the written word is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, knowledge, ideas, serenity, comfort, relaxation, or even entertainment. Likewise, the process of creating a book is a unique experience, allowing the words, illustrations, photographs, or any other form of creative expression of an author to reach their audience. The connection between these two begins when words start being printed, only to find their way to readers, who will feel the rustling of the pages under their fingers and drink in a scent for which there will likely never be a replacement – the scent of a book.

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers. – Charles W. Eliot

Having recognised the power of publishing to produce and promote cultural identity, we entered the field long ago in 1995. In support of numerous authors from Varaždin, we cooperate in the creation of works of the cultural and creative industry, as well as promoting books an an essential resource in everyday life.

Our years of experience and the numerous books we have published are our guarantee of the quality of service we can offer you as a publisher.

We have published numerous books.

Hrelja D., Pavliček V., Slišković I., Volić L.: Varaždin u arhivu, 1995, Vall 042, Varaždin

Mikac S.: Pjesme naših želja, 1995., Vall 042, Varaždin

Mikac S.: Mala zvukovna slikovnica, Vall 042, Varaždin

Remar M.: Klopotec – vinske zdravice i štikleci, 1995, Vall 042, Varaždin

Peričić D.: Varaždin uz stare gradske bedeme, 1996, Vall 042, Varaždin

Vukotić I.: 99 zvijezda sporta u Varaždinu, 1998, Vall 042, Varaždin

Peričić D.: Netopir, 1998., Vall 042, Varaždin

Peričić D.: Petrica Kerempuh u europskom kontekstu, 1998, Vall 042, Varaždin

Krajčić – Beutz M.: U neko prošlo vrijeme, 2000, Vall 042, Varaždin

Mikac S.: Lubleni Varaždin, 2001, Vall 042, Varaždin

Peričić D.: Kerempuhova čitanka, 2002., Vall 042, Varaždin

Šincek D.: Biljni svijet Ivančice i Ravne gore, 2003, Vall 042, Varaždin

Peričić D.: Varaždinske razglednice, 2003, Vall 042, Varaždin

Hrelja D., Bojanić Morandini M.: Obrtništvo u Varaždinu, 2004, Vall 042, Varaždin

Jagetić Daraboš B.: Mjesta u podnožju Ivančice kroz razglednice, 2005, Vall 042, Varaždin

Crleni D.: Okusi varaždinskog kraja, 2005, Vall 042, Varaždin

Hrvatski kuharski savez: Hrvatska kulinarska baština, 2008, Vall 042, Varaždin

Bohorč G., Denžić M., Kuzminski M.: Tri kuharice, 2010, Vall 042, Varaždin

Hmelik B., Cepanec M.: Intenzivna zdravstvena njega, 2017, Vall 042, Varaždin