Disc golf

Disc golf is a sport with more than 50 years of tradition. It enjoys its greatest popularity in the US and in northern and western Europe, while its popularity is still on the rise in Croatia. It is very similar to golf, the difference being that, instead of hitting balls into holes, players throw specially designed flying discs into disc golf baskets. The game is played in nature, which provides numerous additional advantages such as reduced stress, improved mood, reduced anger and aggression, and improved immune response.

There is scientific evidence of the therapeutic effects of nature, and a great deal of research implies that people recover from situations that are stressful or require increased concentration more quickly when in natural surroundings than urban areas. Blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and stress hormone levels lower more quickly when we are in nature, as witnessed by the 8-12 million people who have tried this sport at least once and its 500,000 regular players worldwide.

Anyone can play disc golf. The game provides numerous challenges for groups, and it can help improve teamwork and increase patience and concentration. We offer professional coaching and equipment, as well as an introduction to the rules of disc golf by our partner Lagoda, a business that has been organising successful tournaments for years, including the Central European Championship and the European Disc Golf Championship.

There are three public disc golf courses in Croatia – Platak Disc Golf Course, Varaždinske Toplice Disc Golf Course, and Toplice Sveti Martin Disc Golf Course. Additional team-building content can be created in accordance with the selected destination and clients’ wishes.

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